5 Moves to Add to Your Warm Up

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When you think of warming up for your golf game, what comes to mind?  Hitting the range and swinging your club 30 to 100 times?  Maybe 20 minutes of putting followed by 20 minutes of chipping.  But what about actually warming up the muscles of your body for the work that’s to come?

For many of us, the thought of warming up comes naturally when we think of preparing our body for exercise. But when it comes to stepping up to that first tee box, why are we not giving our bodies the same level or care with prepping for what is a physically-demanding sport?  Golf is actually very similar to sprinting, in that it is an explosive action which culminates in a lot of force traveling through the body in a short amount of time.

The wonderful game of golf is a mentally- and physically-demanding sport.  Your full body is engaged during your golf swing, and you repeat the same movements over and over again for hours on the course.  So why are so many of us lax with prepping our body for the game? Adding a proper dynamic warm up can help increase your club head speed and ball speed, as well as help you avoid potential long-term injury.

Before you head out to the course, try adding these dynamic warmups to your routine:

W-Turns: Perform 5 rotations to each side

Speed Trunk Rotations: Perform 5 rotations to each side

Palm Up Club Lifts: Perform 5 lifts

Figure 4 Walking Hip Stretch: Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on each side

Standing Pelvic Tilt: Repeat 5 times in each direction

Practiced over time, you should find your body moving and feeling better on the course, and ultimately a better overall experience with better scores.  

Note, everyone’s body is different, and these are general recommendations to prime the body for movements on the course. If you want a customized training program based on your specific swing characteristics and your individual goals and needs, become a VIP at YourGolfClub.online and receive exclusive rates on technique and physical training!

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