Your Technical Golf Instructor, Alan Brown

Let’s face it. Golf is a game, and it is meant to be played for enjoyment, however, if your scores are not improving, you will not enjoy it! 

“I will help you get better and enjoy your golfing experience so that you continue to play the greatest game ever. I guarantee it!

Alan Brown, Golf Teaching Professional

With a video swing analysis, I can help you out in all of the below areas:

The 4 Fundamentals

  • Grip
  • Alignment
  • Posture (Stance)
  • Stance


  • Ball Position
  • Mid-irons
  • Long-irons
  • Hybrids
  • Fairway Woods
  • Driver


The Putt-Chip

Short Game

  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Bunker Shots
    • Greenside & Fairway

Slope Shots

  • Downhill
  • Uphill
  • Right to Left
  • Left to Right


  • Tee Shot with Driver
  • Drawing the Ball
  • Fading the Ball
  • Playing From the Rough

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Alan’s Golf Industry Affiliations

United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF)


In November of 2002, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Alan became a Certified Golf Teaching Professional through the United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF)  and has satisfied the “Player Ability Test” requirements of the PGA PAT exam, making him eligible to get into the PGA Apprenticeship Program.

The USGTF is the largest organization of strictly Golf Teaching Professionals.  

American Board of Sport Psychology (ABSP)


In 2005, Alan became a Board Certified Mental Training Professional in the sport of Golf, by completing the “Certified Coach in Sport Psychology” Certification Program from the American Board of Sport Psychology, based out of New York City.
  Did you know that during a round of Golf, which is on average 4 and 1/2 hours long, 20 to 30 minutes is actually spent swinging the club, and the other 4 hours are spent “thinking?” 

The First Tee of Greater Atlantic City


Alan has been proud to be affiliated with The First Tee Program of Greater Atlantic City as one of their Golf Instructors.

The First Tee impacts the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character-development and life-enhancing values through the game of Golf.

Alan’s Golf Certifications

Other Resources

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