YourGolfClub Jingles

YourGolfClub Jingles


Which Member Benefits “Jingle” Do You Like Best? #1, 2, or 3?

Email me at abrown@YourGolfClub.online and get entered into our “jingle preference” random drawing contest for a FREE dozen of OnCore Golf Balls. Also, see our “Sing the Jing” Contest details below!

“The best 30-seconds you will ever spend listening to a commercial that will improve your golf life forever, for the better!” 

YourGolfClub.online Membership Benefits Jingle #1

“Real” Pictures Jingle

YourGolfClub.online Membership Benefits Video Jingle # 2

“Animated” Pictures Jingle

YourGolfClub.online Membership Benefits Video Jingle # 3

“Non-Animated” Pictures Jingle


Memorize the “YourGolfClub.online” Member Benefits Jingle and then participate in our “Sing the Jing” video contest either by yourself as a “single” or with your Golfing partners (twosomes, threesomes or foursomes) to win FREE Golf Products and Services.

In April and May, our “Sing the Jing” Contest is sponsored by our Merchant Partner, “OnCore Golf.” Please see below for the details.

So, you can golf, but can you sing?

Golf Members… This is as simple as making a 12 inch putt!

  1. Listen to the 30-second jingle attached
  2. Memorize the words
  3. Send us a video of your group “singing the jingle” to mbrown@YourGolfClub.Online to be entered into the contest.

At the end of the month, a winner for the best “sing the jing” video will be announced and notified (by the 10th of the following month) and posted on our YouTube channel and our website. Some notable runner-up videos may also be posted. As long as one person is a Member of YourGolfClub.Online, your group is eligible.

The Winner(s) will be based on the quality of their voices and how well it matches the tempo of our current jingle.

Singles, twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes are all eligible.

Every person in the winning group will win one dozen “OnCore” golf balls each!

This will be a monthly contest starting in April and ending May 31st, 2021.

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